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Combine Masterful Scrapbook Design’s “magazine” format and live design conversations with the hands-on video tutorials of Scrapbook Coach and the indexed lessons in our new Look Books. Put them in an all-access pass — and you’ll always have the kind of inspiration or training you need at the right time in an easy-to-access format. Weekly live events with recordings are a mainstay of the membership.

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StoryPlaySquare02Masterful Scrapbook Design “Story Play.” This eBook is packed with fresh visual and short-form journaling storytelling approaches. See Noell Hyman’s life story in 6 words, the book cover of Jill Sprott’s life, Carrie Arick pulls back the curtain on a complex story, Sara Gleason tells multiple stories with infographics, and Kim Watson puts an allegory to work on the page.

EBook is accompanied by in-depth webinar/video recorded interviews with Kim Watson, Jill Sprott, Noell Hyman, Sara Gleason and Carrie Arick delving into their pages and stories.

promoSTORYPLAYScrapbook Coach “Story Styles.” 
4 video lessons work through 4 story-style designs. Just as there are design styles, so, too, are there story styles. Try on the photo-journalist, the editorial, theme-crafted, and data-graphic styles with these step-by-step design tutorials. And then take the story style approaches you love forward into future pages.

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  • Immediate access to 53 classes:  39 Masterful Scrapbook Design classes (see all below), 15 Scrapbook Coach classes (see all below), and bonus materials
  • A new class each month
  • Weekly live webinar events
  • Sketch and template library – 98 templates searchable by # of photos and type
  • eBook library – an index of all 39 eBooks pulled out of the classes for easy access
  • Everything is downloadable for you to keep



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 you get immediate access to these classes

Scrapbook Coach

Masterful Scrapbook Design

 and a new class the first Wednesday of every month

  • October 1 | Scrapbook Coach #15 Story Styles
  • November 5 | Story Styles Compendium and Look Book
  • December 3 | Scrapbook Coach #16 Sprawl/Fill the Canvas
  • January 7 | Masterful Scrapbook Design Single and Pretty
  • February 4 | Scrapbook Coach #16 Single and Pretty
  • March 4 | Pretty Pages Compendium and Look Book
  • April 1 | Scrapbook Coach #18 Working the Angles
  • May 6 | Masterful Scrapbook Design Loving the Double Wide
  • June 3 | Scrapbook Coach #19 Double-Pagers
  • July 1 | Double-Wide Compendium and Look Book

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