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Membership includes a new class every month. In January, it’s “Single & Pretty”–an ebook PLUS live interviews with designers Lisa Dickinson, Kayleigh Wiles, Ashley Calder, Sian Fair, and Amy Kingsford.

Combine Masterful Scrapbook Design’s “magazine” format and live design conversations with the hands-on video tutorials of Scrapbook Coach and the indexed lessons in our new Look Books. Put them in an all-access pass — and you’ll always have the kind of inspiration or training you need at the right time in an easy-to-access format. Weekly live events with recordings are a mainstay of the membership.

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Masterful Scrapbook Design “Single & Pretty.” When are one-photo, over-the-top-richly-designed scrapbook pages the right choice for telling visual stories that resonate and matter? What’s more, just how do skilled visual storytellers make these pages? Find out with one-photo scrapbookers Lisa Dickinson, Sian Fair, Kayleigh Wiles, Amy Kingsford, and Ashley Calder.


Scrapbook Coach “Sprawl.” Four video lessons walk you through 4 different approaches to scrapbook page designs that fill much of the canvas. Get pages made and learn design at the same time. Class includes layered templates and page sketches.
Look Book “Story Styles.” Look Books are brand new at the Get It Scrapped Membership. Each “Look Book” includes an eBook on the class topic AND an interactive database of the layouts in the look book. Here discover and use TEN Story Styles–that have to do with how you approach combining words and design to tell stories.


  membership includes

  • Immediate access to 56 classes:  39 Masterful Scrapbook Design classes, 16 Scrapbook Coach classes, and 1 Look Book class
  • A new class each month (Single & Pretty on Jan 7th, new Scrapbook Coach on Feb 4, new Look Book on Mar 4. . .)
  • Weekly live webinar events
  • Sketch and template library – 114 templates searchable by # of photos and type
  • eBook library – an index of all 39 eBooks pulled out of the classes for easy access
  • Everything is downloadable for you to keep

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 you get immediate access to these classes

Scrapbook Coach

Masterful Scrapbook Design

 and a new class the first Wednesday of every month

  • January 7 | Masterful Scrapbook Design Single and Pretty
  • February 4 | Scrapbook Coach #16 Single and Pretty
  • March 4 | Pretty Pages Compendium and Look Book
  • April 1 | Scrapbook Coach #18 Working the Angles
  • May 6 | Masterful Scrapbook Design Loving the Double Wide
  • June 3 | Scrapbook Coach #19 Double-Pagers
  • July 1 | Double-Wide Compendium and Look Book

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If you try out the Scrapbook Coach and Masterful Scrapbook Design classes within the membership find the membership isn’t a good match for you, let us know within 30 days and you may have a refund. If you’re just confused or worried about anything, use the contact link above for a quick response.

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