To access your classes and membership materials, log in at top right. Membership materials are all in the area with red headers. The classes in a Free Membership and add-on purchases are in the area with a blue header labeled “Add-on Classes.” When you’re logged in, you’ll see icons for classes you own bolded (and linked).

Get the schedule and links to attend live webinars -or- view the indexed recordings at your convenience.

Skeches and templates, journaling-writing tool, and an index to the ebooks embedded in the other membership classes.

“Learning Tracks” are classes that point the way to specific materials in the library for a learning goal. They include links to pdfs, videos and resources along with assignments, checklists, and prompts. Look for quarterly additions in 2016.

“Look Books” are gallery classes around a theme. You can view the class in eBook/pdf format OR browse all of the materials in gallery format by clicking on layout icons.

Each “Scrapbook Coach” class contain 4 video lessons that you can scrapbook with to master foundations and practice design. For more detail click here.

“Masterful Scrapbook Design” classes each include an eBook that surveys the focus topic along with interviews, office hours sessions, and additional focus lessons from the contributing teachers. There are usually 4 or 5 contributing teachers to every class who provide a variety of examples and ideas.

eBooks only sort alphabetically

These materials are separate from the paid membership. The first three classes are those included with a “free membership.” If you have a paid membership, though, you’ll see that you have the “video” version of Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page. The rest of the classes are those that customers purchased separately or earned as bonuses.

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