Scrapbook Coach | set aside sketches and templates and use foundations.


The Scrapbook Coach video classes teach you to start with a  common page foundation and then shake it up to make great looking scrapbook pages efficiently. In every class you scrapbook alongside Debbie Hodge as she guides you in photo crops, paper choices, title treatments and embellishing. {Scroll to bottom for free lesson}

You’ll work one page shape multiple times, with variations in product and patterned paper choices, number of photos, and title and embellishment treatments. You become skilled — and fast — at designing pages that tell your stories and pack a visual punch. You learn to select and combine patterned papers skillfully and you get starter recipes you can turn to knowing you’ll get a solid design that looks new each time you use it.

Working with starter foundations is a great way to get inspired and master layout design and product mixing, and this 3-minute video explains why.

Each Scrapbook Coach self-paced class includes 4 video lessons with accompanying “road-maps” in pdf format as well as forum support and gallery sharing. Here’s a peek at Lesson 1 from Scrapbook Coach class #5: Criss Cross.


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I love this concept! I’ve gone through the first and am ready to study the second. What I like best is the fact that each design is broken down to manageable chunks and is explained as to why it works. Each chapter gives step by step process so much so that it can be copied exactly, or enough knowledge to make it your own! I’ve taken Building Pages and it seems that these concepts help expand some of the bases we learned there. — Sugared Songbird 

I knew that anything associated with Debbie Hodge would be above and beyond all expectations and I was right! This is a fabulous concept and unlike anything else I have seen in my many years of scrapbooking. It is worth every penny and then some. Thank you so much, Debbie. –iceteeeeee. . . . (click for more)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”switch-praise” show=”no” ]

I am halfway through the second video and I LOVE it so far. I have always loved your style of scrapbooking and the stories you choose to tell. I had no idea what to expect with this class and so far I am impressed and I know I will use it. I love how you talk about design principles while you work. I have no art background at all so I have to learn all these principles from the experts as I go. I really like the idea of making a page as you make one in the video. I just pause it when I need more time. I can see myself buying more of these smaller classes and I will also be recommending them to my fellow scrapbooking friends. —  Cyndy Recker

 I am an experienced scrapbooker but sometimes lose my way in the design, and before I know it I have too much on the page. I like that you give specific sizes and I like learning new things like how I can have two or three triangles within a page. I have already gotten the next class and can’t wait to dig in to it.— Jana Cokely

I am doing my first scrapbook for a friend and want to thank you for offering these classes. I like that the Scrapbook Coach classes are priced within my budget and that I can go back and review them at any time. — Margaret Morris

After viewing the sample lesson, I was hooked. I loved that you had a video and a handout. I like how it is broken down into number of photos. I liked that there are 4 different layouts and ideas. You explained not only how to put the layout together, but the reasoning and design purpose for each item. — Jeannett McGee

I have watched both classes, “On a Shelf” and “Two by Two.”  I am not new to digital scrapping, but I loved these classes as they gave me good solid information as well as new ways of looking at things.  In fact I’ve scrapped a few pages right along with you.  I think the video’s are good, well done.  I might be fun to be able to watch your Photoshop screen while you work, but I know that is a whole different concept.  I just am looking forward to getting the next 4 videos! — Deb Kolb

The class was excellent. Your presentation was very thorough and easy to follow. I’ve had a chance to view all the videos, but I plan to view them again and follow along as I review each one. — Christine Bishop


Get all 20+ Scrapbook Coach classes + all 40+ MSD classes + over 150 layered templates and page sketches with a Get It Scrapped membership.

“It’s the best value in scrapbook education around” – Laura Kaplan

Membership includes a new class the first Wednesday of every month and weekly live events.

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Still not sure? Check out a free lesson from Scrapbook Coach 1 | On A Shelf.

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