Masterful Scrapbook Design | when you’ve got a passion for a hobby . . .

masterfullogo2. . .you want to go deeper in, refining your skills, learning, talking and thinking about what you love. You need the company and advice of others with the same passion. Interviews and office hours support comprehensive e-books in each class. A new group of teachers takes on challenging assignments in each class — and we share their rich layout annotations with you.

Since September 2010 we’ve been producing Masterful Scrapbook Design, a series of classes that go in-depth on one focus topic with a variety of guest designers. Every class includes a comprehensive e-book with lots of layouts and ideas and instruction as well as video/audio interviews with all of the guest teachers. Here are the details on 34 of those classes — who taught and what we covered. Get all of these classes with a Get It Scrapped membership. Everything is downloadable for you to keep even if your membership expires.

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This class goes beyond the basics of color.

You know the basics of color – schemes, emotional and cultural associations, mixing in gallon, quart, pint quantities. Now find out how to put that knowledge to work to make pages that pop, set tone, charm, tell your stories.

Study with: Kelly Noel, Dina Wakley, Lynn Grieveson, Lisa Dickinson, and Krista Sahlin.


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Tension gets attention. When you set up a situation with tension, the viewer feels like something isn’t quite right, that something might happen that the viewer doesn’t want to miss.

Creating visual tension on your scrapbook pages will give them energy and interest.


Study tension with author, teacher and mixed media artist Dina Wakley, digital product designer and scrapbooker Anna Aspnes, Two Peas Garden Girl Corrie Jones, Jenni Bowlin Marketing Director Doris Sander, and Cocoa Daisy Marketing and Design Team Lead Emily Pitts.

Includes 300 page e-book, 10 live events during Sept/Oct 2013, and video/audio recordings of each live events.

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Five teachers with an affinity for grid and blocked designs share the details of why they like grids and the many creative ways they use them. Paper scrapbookers Lisa Dickinson, Doris Sander, and Summer Fullerton along with digital scrapbookers Lynnette Penacho and Tiffany Tillman have ideas and examples to inspire all scrapbookers.


MSD-2013-07-GridsAndBlocks01Grids and blocks includes:

-Tiffany Tillman’s 3 techniques for making grids that don’t look like grids (they are the “Tuck and Cover,” the “Twist,” and the “Frame” but you really need her lesson to put them to work).
-Lynnette Penacho’s how-tos for Photoshop tools that make working with grids and blocks a snap.
-Ideas for beginning a scrapbook page with a blocked base from Doris Sander, Summer Fullerton and the rest of the team.
-Go-to techniques for filling the compartments of a grid and keeping things balanced and flowing.
-Inspiration for embellishing with grids and “putting a grid on the side.”
-5 ways for making hybrid-grid designs.
-Lisa Dickinson’s 4 favorite ways to loosen up a grid design.
-5 sketches and layered templates for Photoshop based on our guest teacher’s designs.
-10 hours of scrapbook talk (in video or audio) to get you inspired and enjoying giving your photos the backdrops that tell their stories well.
-Many more lessons and ideas to numerous to mention.


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You learn to make scrapbook pages that go deeper than the surface details, beginning with journaling and titles that go beyond the obvious in both their content and rendering.

tensionteachers Paula Gilarde, Betsy Sammarco, Emily Pitts, Amber Ries, and Kim Watson show you how to work with all 5 senses, how to incorporate voice, explore character, and leverage motif, pattern, color and photo treatments to make enduring records of your life.Includes seminar with 60+ annotated layouts, 5 “style guides” and layered templates with sketches, 100+ pages of articles on the focus topic, 5 live and recorded interviews with guest teachers, and 4 live and recorded office hours sessions.[/toggle]

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teachersoomphGuest teachers Lisa Dickinson, Leah Farquharson, Corrie Jones, Doris Sander, and Celeste Smith (along with Tami, Amy, and myself) have made pages that show you our “secret sauce” when it comes to finishing a page, and our approaches to getting polished and highly appealing looks through attention to dimension, layering, theme, customizing elements, using pattern and more.Includes seminar with 60+ annotated layouts, 5 “style guides” and layered templates with sketches, 100+ pages of articles on the focus topic, 5 live and recorded interviews with guest teachers, and 4 live and recorded office hours sessions (8+ hours of video and audio). Seminar is great for viewing on e-devices.[/toggle]

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Guest teachers Anna Aspnes, Lisa Dickinson, Amanda Jones, Krista Sahlin and Dina Wakley share top product and technique choices, photo treatments, approaches to journaling, layout, titlework and embellishing.

teacherstop10Get tips and ideas for your own pages and find out why these approaches are favored and what makes them great for scrapbook pages that record your stories.Includes seminar with 60+ annotated layouts, 5 “style guides” and layered templates with sketches, 100+ pages of articles on the focus topic, 5 live and recorded interviews with guest teachers, and 4 live and recorded office hours sessions (8+ hours of video/audio). Seminar is great for viewing on e-devices. [/toggle]


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Guest teachers Summer Fullerton, Kelly Noel, Lynnette Penacho, Tiffany Tillman.

Understand our designers’ go-to compositions, including their approaches to white space, balance, and flow. See, also, how to push favorite designs for new looks. Consider a “photo-to-layout” process and the implications of color, foundations, and inspiration for layout design. Leverage all of this as you use your own favorite compositional approaches to tell your stories with photos and words. Includes 200+page e-book with 50+ annotated layouts and 4 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • From Photo to Layout
  • Go-To Designs
  • The Scrapbooker’s Guide to Prime Real Estate
  • Making Room: for photos, journaling, and white space
  • Grid Designs
  • True Colors: for meaning and pop
  • Step It Up: inspiration, challenges and new techniques
  • Translate Creative Displays To the Scrapbook Page
  • Bold Layout Foundations

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Guest teachers Betsy Sammarco, Jana Morton, Doris Sander, Pattie Knox

Choose the old photos you want to scrapbook and find the stories to go with them.  Revisit your early days and those of your ancestors with story and design angles.  Match product and composition to “the times” and find the connections that add meaning to those older photos you’ve waiting to get onto the page. Includes 200+page e-book with 50+ annotated layouts and 4 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • The Appeal of Old Photos
  • The Stuff Of Family Legends
  • Researching Old Photos
  • 5 Ways To Work with Memorabilia
  • 20th Century Decades
  • Old-Fashioned Looks
  • Personal Heritage
  • Making Connections
  • Coloring Old Memories
  • Retro Memories
  • Ornaments from Vintage Photos
  • Artistic Effects with Blending Modes
  • Meme Trends andOld Photos
  • Make a Memorial Album

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Guest teachers Emily Pitts, Lisa Dickinson, Audrey Neal, Sara Gleason, Leah Farquharson

While “fashion” refers to the popular style at a certain place and time, “style” refers to the outward expression of YOUR attitude, personality, preferences and aesthetic tendencies.

Style is what makes your creations YOURS. Explore and understand your preferences, masteries, frustrations to create in your own style. If you’re interested in developing a distinctive style, we’ve got 7 activities to get you there. Includes 200+page e-book with 60+ annotated layouts and 5 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • About style
  • Develop Your Style
  • Know your style: 5 style benefits
  • 5 exercises to stretch your style
  • Gather inspiration for ready use
  • Make trends work for your style
  • The right products for working your style
  • Develop your storytelling style
  • Hone your style with a single-kit approach



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Guest teachers Doris Sander, Tiffany Tillman, Amber Ries, Kim Watson, Corrie Jones

Some trends you love and some leave you scratching your head. Designers for top digital and paper scrapbooking manufacturers show you their approach to watching and using trends. See how Tiffany Tillman, Kim Watson, Amber Ries, Doris Sander and Corrie Jones stay true to their own style and, at the same, leverage trends for fresh approaches to the page. Includes 200+page e-book with 60+ annotated layouts and 5 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • Forecasting trends and spotting trends are two different things.
  • How to be a trendspotter.
  • Why trends arise at a particular time.
  • How trends manifest in scrapbooking.
  • Using trendy motifs, patterns, materials, technique, and color.
  • Making trends your own.
  • Keeping a timeless look while using trendy elements.
  • Digital trends.
  • Current trend: Instagram.

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Guest teachers Dina Wakley, Betsy Sammarco, Lynnette Penacho, Erin Clayton, Summer Fullerton

Using inspiration to create scrapbook pages is an efficient way to get more pages made and it’s the best tool around for finding and refining your design style.

  • Understand 10 sources of inspiration for scrapbook pages and use 80+ links to websites and curated boards to find the best inspiration for your pages.
  • Identify the design elements of your inspiration pieces and use those color, texture, pattern, shape, line, space, and value approaches on your own projects.
  • Apply inspiration to composition, photos, titlework, journaling, subject, motif, and technique.
  • 5 Places I Find Inspiration When My Mojo Goes Missing by Lynnette Penacho
  • Five Ways to Get Inspired with a Walk Down Main Street by Betsy Sammarco
  • Finding Inspiration from a Favorite Product  by Dina Wakley
  • Find Inspiration Through Your Five Senses by Erin Clayton
  • The Dynamics of Color by Summer Fullerton
  • Create Your Own Custom Color Palettes to Use as Inspiration in Your Scrapbook Pages  by Amy Kingsford

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Guest teachers Celeste Smith, Emily Pitts, Karen Grunberg, Noell Hyman, Audrey Neal

Tell more stories on your scrapbook pages. Tell the old stories and the new ones. Use fiction-writing techniques for scene, dialogue and narrative.

  • Fit More Stories on One Page by Emily Pitts
  • Making Photo-less Pages by Celeste Smith
  • Design Your Story by Noell Hyman
  • Capture the Moments in Big Event by Karen Grunberg
  • Using Writers’ Tools to Find Your Story by Audrey Neal
  • Find the Story in What Your Photo Doesn’t Show by Tami Taylor

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Guest teachers Tangie Baxter, Paula Gilarde, Julie Ann Shahin, DIna Wakley, Vicki Walters

This issue includes a 35+ page “seminar” with accompanying video, 7 focus lessons, and 5 video interviews with guest teachers. Art journaling techniques and mixed media supplies are making their way onto scrapbook pages. This seminar will show you the unique looks you can get by making backgrounds with stencils, ink, paint, mist, doodling, embossing and the digital equivalents. Add texture with collage, modeling paste, and lots of techniques as demonstrated by this month’s guest teachers. Use layers to add visual interest, incorporate meaningful images and motifs and reveal your personal style. Use text to convey meaning and get visual impact. Work with images from your photos and other sources using a variety of techniques.

  • “Sink” Floating Text into Digital Pages by Tangie Baxter
  • Add Messy Art Journaling Techniques to Tags for Clean and Simple Pages by Paula Gilarde
  • 3 Ways to Use Printables for Smash Books with Art Journaling Looks by Julie Ann Shahin
  • How to Succeed at Spray Ink without Really Trying by Dina Wakley
  • Make Original Digital Backgrounds with Papers and Blending Modes by Vicki Walters
  • Use Art Journaling Techniques to Get Words onto Your Scrapbook Pages by Amy Kingsford
  • 7 Art Journaling Details to Try on Scrapbook Pages by Tami Taylor

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Guest teachers Kelly Purkey, Jana Morton, Terri Davenport, Kim Watson, Sara Gleason

In this issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design we tackle scrapbooking photos that don’t present any specific event or immediately obvious story to record. The teaching team was challenged to make pages with the photos that we frequent shooters accumulate but don’t feel motivated to scrapbook. You’ll find approaches to making meaningful (and often fun) scrapbook pages with portraits, one-offs, 365ers of inanimate objects, and more here.

  • Jana Morton: No Excuse Needed for an Impromptu Photo Shoot
  • Kelly Purkey: Scrapbook Your Grown-Up Outings
  • Kim Watson: Use Everyday Photos to Ponder the Big Stuff
  • Sara Gleason: Capturing  the Everyday with Details
  • Terri Davenport: 20 Ways to Journal About Banana Bread
  • Amy Kingsford: Telling 3 Stories with 1 Photo
  • Tami Taylor: 3 Tips and 10 Ideas for Writing “List” Journaling

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Guest teachers Doris Sander, Amber Ries, Betsy Sammarco, AUdrey Neal, Erin Basset

Scrapbook page embellishment is about the joy of the detail.This month we luxuriate in these details that are as delightful to select and place as they are to see on the finished piece later. We begin this immersion in embellishing with a look at how embellishments help you tell your story and delight the viewer’s eye.

  • Embellish with Purpose
  • Strengthen Design with Embellishments
  • Embellishment Clusters
  • Embellishment Homes
  • Get Creative with Embellishments
  • Building Embellishment Clusters by Amber Ries
  • Using Digital Brushes as Embellishments by Audrey Neal
  • Create Custom Clothing Tag Embellishments with your Computer by Betsy Sammarco
  • Using Vintage Items on Your Layouts by Doris Sander
  • Go-To Ideas for Artful Embellishments by Erin Bassett
  • Simple Unexpected Details Will Make Your Layout Artful by Tami Taylor

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Guest teacheres Anna Aspnes, Paula Gilarde, Emily PItts, Lisa Dickinson, Tiffany Tillman

Use type as focal point, embellishment, title, backdrop with ideas and how-tos from paper and digital scrapbookers who rock the typography on their own scrapbook pages.

  • Typography: making language visible
  • Typefaces “Setting type” on scrapbook pages
  • Titles and type
  • Type as focal point & embellishment
  • Journaling + title synergy
  • Anna Aspnes:  Artsy Techniques for Making “Word-Art” Titles
  • Lisa Dickinson: How to Make a Border of Type
  • Paula Gilarde: Take Inspiration from Print Materials for Your Scrapbook Page Typography
  • Tami Taylor: 5 Ways to Draw Attention to Type
  • Tiffany Tillman: 3 Tips for Pairing Fonts
  • Emily Pitts:  3 Ways to Hand Cut Titles
  • Amy Kingsford: 5 Ways to Use Negative Type for Positive Looks
  • Tami Taylor: How to Photograph and Include Handwritten Notes from the Past on Your Pages

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Guest teachers Amber Ries, Melanie Grimes, Vee Jennings, Francine Clouden, Cindy Liebel

From paisleys to paw prints, you’ll find a huge variety of images on scrapbook papers and embellishments that you can use to support your page subject. Learn about motifs as fun decorations, as cues to your subject, and even as triggers for associations that can be used to deepen meaning.

  • Motif and Meaning
  • Motif and Design
  • Amber Ries:  Using Symbolic Motifs to Express Complex Feelings
  • Vee Jennings:  Repeated Motifs on Your Scrapbook Pages: 3 Tips for Quick Combinations
  • Melanie Grimes: Searching your digital supplies for the motifs that make your page
  • Cindy Liebel:  Ideas for Scrapbooking with Punched and Die-Cut “Negatives”
  • Francine Clouden: Choosing and Using a Personal Motif
  • Amy Kingsford: Use Everyday Texture and Motifs on Page Backgrounds
  • Tami Taylor: Page Challenge: One Motif with Multiple Meanings

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Guest teachers Kelly Purkey, Betsy Sammarco, Noell Hyman, Drista Sahlin, Celeste Smith

Every scrapbook page should have a primary area of interest (the focal point!) that acts as the point of entry into the layout. Understand and see why a focal point helps you tell your story and make a well-designed page. Learn how to make a focal point with eye-catching techniques that fall into the categories of Appeal, Contrast, and Structure.

  • Ways to Create Focal Points
  • Page Elements as Focal Points
  • Noell Hyman: 9 Elements that Attract the Eye and Compete for Attention
  • Kelly Purkey: Finding Focal Points in Inspiration Pieces
  • Krista Sahlin: Conveying page story with focal points
  • Betsy Sammarco: 4 Ways to Design with Photos to Create Focus
  • Celeste Smith: Use Page Borders to Strengthen Page Design
  • Amy Kingsford: 3 Ways to Draw the Eye to Text on the Page
  • Tami Taylor:  Apply Photography Composition Techniques for Creating Focal Points to Your Scrapbook Pages


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Guest teachers Dina Wakley, Emily Pitts, Lynette Penacho, Doris Sander, Anna Aspnes

This issue focuses on the scrapbook page canvas, beginning with the options you have for its base, moving onto the first layers and foundations you place upon on it, and delving into the many ways you can fill a canvas for striking looks.

  • Canvas Bases & First Layers
  • Filling the Canvas
  • Anna Aspnes: 3 Ways to Successfully Use Artsy Papers as Backgrounds
  • Dina Wakley: 5 Fun Ways to Use Paint and Ink as a Layout Foundation
  • Doris Sander: Go-to Designs and the Sketches in Your Mind
  • EmilyPitts: Creating Inked Backgrounds (video)
  • Lynnette Penacho: 5 Easy Ways to Use Shapes as Foundations For Your Layouts
  • Debbie Hodge: 4 Ideas for Starting Scrapbook Pages with a Pieced Base
  • Amy Kingsford: Building a Foundation that Sets the Mood for Your Page.
  • Tami Taylor:  Quick Video on Using Shaped Base Layers

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Guest teachers Jana Morton, May Flaum, Cindy Liebel, Michelle Clement, Peppermint Granberg

In this issue we are looking at adding texture and dimension to both digital and paper pages in this issue. Texture is a powerful art element because it can quickly evoke memories and emotions. Artists use both visual and physical textures to trigger your memories of previous texture experiences. Texture is tactile: it appeals to our sense of touch. It is an essential design element for visual artists, because it engages another sense in addition to sight. When you can incorporate texture on your pages, you draw your viewer in on another level.

  • Products and Techniques for Texture and Dimension
  • Texture, Dimension and Page Elements
  • Jana Morton: Lighting Up Your Layouts to Create Dimension
  • Cindy Liebel: Tone-on-Tone Layerering Creates an Embossed Effect
  • Michelle Clement: Layered Foundations Add Texture and Dimension
  • May Flaum: Three Ways to Add Texture or Dimension
  • Peppermint Granberg: Add Digital Dimension with the Dodge & Burn Tools
  • Amy Kingsford: Use Bulky Items Effectively to Create Instant Dimension in Your Paper and Digital Pages

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Guest teachers Doris Sander, Paula Gilarde, Lynnette Penacho, Kelly Purkey

The times we are living in right now—from global politics and trade, to technology and styles—are especially remarkable. Scrapbook pages that weave in such references have a richness that endures and triggers long-forgotten memories decades later. This month, we take you more deeply into the topic. You come away with a wealth of starting points and approaches for making sure you’ve incorporated images, works, styles, memorabilia and more that capture “these times.”

  • Happenings Out There
  • Closer to Home
  • Kelly Purkey: Using Project Life Albums to Capture the Details of Current Times
  • Lynnette Penacho: Document Your Faves and Recording the Times
  • Paula Gilarde: Alternative Sources for Images
  • Doris Sander: Scrapbook Page Titles Inspired by Pop Culture
  • Debbie Hodge: Capture These Times with Street Photos
  • Tami Taylor: Time-stamping Layouts
  • Keandra Willis: Scrapbooking the Details of Everyday Life to Record the Times


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Guest teachers Lisa Dickinson, Amy Mallory, Vivian Masket, Emily Pitts, Kayleigh Wiles

Your comfort level with design principles and elements goes way up this month when you see how digital and paper scrapbookers Emily Pitts, Lisa Dickinson, Vivian Masket, Amy Mallory, and Kayleigh Wiles challenge themselves and end up with striking results.

Design principles are a great jumping off point for anyone who want to make original and well-designed pages. Not only do you learn how to work with “variations on a theme” you also get a handle on how attention to every little detail when it comes to design play yields great pages.

  • Variations on a Theme
  • Every Little Detail
  • Vivian Masket: Designing Pages with Flow
  • Emily Pitts: Playing with Alignment of Text
  • Lisa Dickinson: 3 Tips for Effective Embellishment
  • Kayleigh Wiles: Breaking Up Grids
  • Amy Mallory: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
  • Amy Kingsford: Using Lines in Your Layouts
  • Tami Taylor: Playing with White Space

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This special issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design includes 8+ hours of video/audio conversations with 24 top scrapbook page designers. The interviews ask questions and get answers that give you the know-how and inspiration to use current techniques and products as you tell your stories on scrapbook pages.

The topics included are: hybrid scrapbooking, finding and evolving your style, composition, digital pages inspired by paper pages, pages with lots on them, favorite techniques for paper pages, clean and simple pages that wow, pages that reflect the times.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”] faststarts

Guest teachers Vee Jennings, Lynnette Penacho, Celeste Smith, Keandra Willis

Whether you’re a speedy scrapbooker or one who puts things together at a slower tempo, there are times when you need to step up the pace up.

You’ll get details on how to speed things up in the areas of preparation, streamlining page elements, product choices, and process. And then . . . you get lots more “by the numbers.” Understand and use basic approaches that work for pages with 1, 2, 3, and 4 photos.

  • Favorite Approaches
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Vee Jennings: 6 Tips for Making 12″x12″ Scrapbook Pages Quickly

  • Lynnette Penacho: Fast Tips for Layering Patterned Paper
  • Keandra Willis: Assembly Line Approach to Scrapbooking
  • Celeste Smith: Digital Techniques for Sizing and Placing Photos on Paper and Digital Pages
  • Amy Kingsford: 5 Quick Ways to Add Charm to Your Pages
  • Amy Kingsford: Time to Open a Can of Creativity on Those Layouts?
  • Tami Taylor: Make Kits to Speed Up Scrapbooking
  • Tami Taylor: Five Tips for Quick Scrapbooking (Video)

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It’s the rare scrapbook page that doesn’t feature a photo. We’re talking about the many aspects of taking photos, selecting the ones you’re putting on the page, cropping and editing photos, and all those design choices photos drive. We cover  best tips for “getting the shot,” strategies for selecting the “keepers,” approaches to editing and cropping photos, and new ways of thinking about how to place your photos on the page.

  • Taking and Choosing Photos
  • Cropping, Editing and Designing with Photos
  • Karen Grunberg: 3 Approaches for Telling the Story with Photos
  • Dina Wakley: Creating Expressive  Self-portraits
  • Jana Morton: 4 Ways to use Photo Repetitions on Your Scrapbook Pages
  • Katrina Kennedy: 5 Ways to Make Photo-Focused Scrapbook Pages
  • Tami Taylor: Using Photo Silhouettes
  • Amy Kingsford: Choosing the Right Photo Treatments for Your Pages

[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]stash

Guest teachers Noell Hyman, Amy Mallory, Emily Pitts, Kayleigh Wiles

This module is all about using the scrapbook supplies you have in both creative and practical ways. The goal is to help you use your stash, try new things, and make scrapbook pages you love. We’ve got approaches, inspiration, interviews, and lessons that get you thinking about product and scrapbook pages in ways that get your bins, baskets, and digital folders emptier and your albums fuller.

  • Taking Inventory
  • Using Inventory
  • Amy Mallory: The “Seven-layer” Dip into Your Stash
  • Emily Pitts: Taking Control of Your Stash
  • Kayleigh Wiles: How to Use Your Tiny Stash in a Big Way

  • Noell Hyman: The GRAM Method of Stash Busting
  • Amy Kingsford: Getting the Most From Basic Paper and Digital Scrapbooking Tools
  • Tami Taylor: Making your alphas work for you
  • Tami Taylor: Reinventing Your Flat Stash

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Guest teachers Wilna Furstenberg, Cindy Liebel, Emily Pitts, Celeste Smith

Since antiquity, patterns have been incorporated into tiles, linens, rugs, wallpaper, dishes, upholstery, clothing and more. Oscar Wilde said, “The repetitions of patterns give us rest. The marvels of designs stir the imagination.” This month we’re looking at patterns in both big and small ways, learning how to choose, mix, and use them on our scrapbook pages.

  • About patterns
  • Choosing patterned paper
  • Mixing patterned paper
  • Techniques for using patterned paper
  • Celeste Smith: How to make an easy quilt
  • Emily Pitts: The value of punching and cutting up patterned paper
  • Wilna Furstenberg: How to use patterned paper as an embellishment
  • Cindy Liebel: 6 tips for working with patterned paper
  • Amy Kingsford: Fixes for worries over patterned paper backgrounds
  • Tami Taylor: Make patterned paper your own

[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]inspiration

Guest teachers Anna Aspnes, Lisa Dickinson, Paula Gilarde, Celeste Smith

We’ve heard a lot about  “finding inspiration” for your pages from store shelves, magazines, fashion, websites and many other resources. It’s time to get specific about just how we can show YOU resources and methods for finding, gathering, and specifically translating inspiration to the scrapbook page.

  • Inspiration Sources
  • Inspiration Applications
  • Celeste Smith: Layered titles – three easy ways to add some zing

  • Paula Gilarde: Ad inspiration
  • Anna Aspnes: Everyday inspiration – shapes and colors

  • Lisa Dickinson: One inspiration – three layouts
  • Debbie Hodge: 5 things I learned about inspiration this month

  • Amy Kingsford & Tami Taylor: Three takes on one inspiration piece

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Guest teachers Doris Sander, Karen Grunberg, Kayleigh Wiles, Aaron Morris

A good title connects your photos to their story. We’re going to talk about the wide variety of approaches you can take for coming up with and designing your scrapbook page titles. From low-key and descriptive titles to elaborate word-plays filling half the page, we’ll give you ideas and help you get quicker and more skilled at designing titles you’ll love. Seminar, annotated layouts, focus lessons and 4 video/audio interviews.

  • About Titles
  • Types of Titles
  • Coming up with Titles
  • Title Design and Technique
  • Karen Grunberg: The Beauty of a Long Title
  • Aaron Morris: Six Ways to Embellish a Title
  • Doris Sander: How to Get a Great Hand-Cut Title
  • Kayleigh Wiles: Make Short Titles Shine
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Guest teachers Dina Wakley, Karen Grunberg, Paula Gilarde, Lain Ehmann

Whether you want to get a short record of thoughts and facts down or write a longer recount, we’re sharing ideas, how-tos, and resources that will help you do this well. We explore both the composition and content of journaling as well as ways to incorporate it into overall page design.  Seminar, annotated layouts, focus lessons and 4 video/audio interviews.

  • Journaling Forms
  • Getting Journaling on the Page
  • Karen Grunberg: Try Sharing the Ordinary
  • Paula Gilarde: Short, but Meaningful
  • Debbie Hodge: Lots of photos–and journaling, too!
  • Debbie Hodge: Use journaling strips to rock your page design
  • Dina Wakley: Journaling in your own handwriting
  • Lain Ehmann: Seven Prompts to Get Journaling


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]events

Guest teachers Anna Aspnes, Cindy Liebel, Amber Ries, Sharyn Tormanen

This is a huge topic and the seminar that goes with it is huge! We show you how to approach scrapbooking your events with analysis and creativity. Understand the kinds of events you scrapbook and the many aspects of any event. What’s more use cropping and design techniques to make multi-photo one -and two-page layouts that tell your story well and look great. Webinars, annotated layouts, album projects by each guest designer and 9 videos for getting your photos in order make this a big bundle.

  • Aspects of  Events
  • Event Types
  • Anna Aspnes: Quick Cohesive Pages

  • Cindy Liebel: Make a Giant Impact with a Mini-Album
  • Amber Ries: 10 Tips for Your December Daily Album

  • Sharyn Tormanen: Any Month is Worth Documenting
  • Debbie Hodge: 5 Double Page Sketches and Templates


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Guest teachers Jenni Bowlin, Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, Tania Willis

Our study of embellishing/using details on scrapbook pages kicks off with a survey course including the role embellishments should plan on a page, specific ways to add charm and design interest as well as strengthen the design of your pages. Four in-depth interviews with guest teachers as well as articles and 100+ annotated layouts make this a treasure trove of ideas and instruction for anyone who want to ramp up their embellishing skills or even just have more fun making awesome pages.

  • Choosing Details
  • Placing Details
  • What Details Can Do
  • Doris Sander: Tips for tiny details

  • Debbie Hodge: How to study your favorite scrapbook pages by others
  • Kayleigh Wiles: Challenge yourself to build a ‘shelf’
  • Debbie Hodge: More about building shelves
  • Tania Willis: How to add stitching detail
  • Jenni Bowlin: Easy Tips for Clustering Embellishments

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Guest teachers Lisa Dickinson, Amber Ries, Dina Wakley

This is an in-depth and rich exploration of “layering-it-on!” We cover reasons to layer–what layers do for a scrapbook page–as well as how to go about layering, including the kinds of materials that are available and the ways in which you can explore and express meaning with your choices. In the interviews you’ll get new ideas and insights from paper and digital scrapbookers — and the interesting thing about this is that the ideas translate wonderfully between mediums. Articles and even a spray-ink video as well as 100+ annotated layouts will provide ideas and inspiration for all.

  •  Why Layer?
  • Layering Design and Principles
  • Layering Techniques
  • Amber Ries: Takes a layout from blah to ah!

  • Debbie Hodge: My favorite formulas for layering
  • Dina Wakley: Mixed media layering
  • Lisa Dickinson: Tips for layering
  • Challenge: Putting it all together


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Guest teachers Doris Sander, Lisa Dickinson

Are you ready to truly get a handle on color — on what role it plays in memory keeping, on how it triggers emotional and cultural associations, and on how a smart use of design principles with your understanding of color can help you make awesome pages? Check out the seminar, interviews, challenges and annotated layouts to become more masterful at color.

  • Color Schemes
  • Color Emotions and Association
  • Color & Design Principles
  • Designer Articles
  • Doris Sander: Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme
  • Lisa Dickinson: Use a Complementary Color Scheme

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