Tracie Claiborne

Tracie Claiborne loves the art of storytelling through scrapbooking. She dove headfirst into the hobby in 2001 and her passion for memory keeping has only intensified through the years. In 2014, Tracie created two podcasts to discuss documenting the moments that matter: “The Scrap Gals Podcast with Tiffany and Tracie” and “Magic Memory Keepers.”

A perfectionist by nature, Tracie loves to create clean and classic layouts that will stand the test of time. She gladly defines herself as a memory keeper because storytelling is her primary
focus. Early in her scrapbooking journey, Tracie began to see the world around her through the lens of a storyteller, photographer and artist. She says, “When I discovered scrapbooking, it was
exactly like the moment I put on my first pair of glasses. Everything around me came into focus. The trees were greener, the sky was bluer, the birds sang a more cheerful song and my
memories and everyday life moments seemed all the more precious. My whole outlook on life changed! I have always been a joy-filled person but scrapbooking made me realize how much I
have to be joyful about.”

When she’s not in her studio, you’ll find Tracie at home, in Nashville, laughing with her daughter, Caroline, or enjoying an outdoor concert by her husband, recording artist, Mike
Claiborne. A blogger since 2005, she blogs her love of memory keeping, card making, hand lettering, artful memory planning, art journaling and organizing at

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