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September 2012: On Trend

with Corrie Jones, Kim Watson, Doris Sander, Amber Ries, and Tiffany Tillman

Forecasting and spotting trends. Understanding why something is trendy at a current time. The stuff of trends. Current and recent trends in motif, pattern, materials, color, and technique. Focus lessons from guest teachers and a 60+ layout gallery.

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October 2012: Finding and Evolving Your Style

with Lisa Dickinson, Leah Farquharson, Sara Gleason, Audrey Neal, and Emily Pitts

While “fashion” refers to the popular style at a certain place and time, “style” refers to the outward expression of YOUR attitude, personality, preferences and aesthetic tendencies.

Style is what makes your creations YOURS. Explore and understand your preferences, masteries, frustrations to create in your own style. If you’re interested in developing a distinctive style, we’ve got 7 activities to get you there.


November 2012: Scrapbooking Old Photos

Choose the old photos you want to scrapbook and find the stories to go with them. ¬†Revisit your early days and those of your ancestors with story and design angles. ¬†Match product and composition to “the times” and find the connections that add meaning to those older photos you’ve waiting to get onto the page.

With guest teachers Doris Sander, Jana Morton, Pattie Knox, and Betsy Sammarco. Bonus interview on scrapbooking old photos with Jenni Bowlin.


December 2012: Layout

How to decide (or know!) where to put things on the page. Tried compositions and approaches for original looks.

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