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  a free tool that makes it easy to give your photos stories





Debbie here. I love writing about the photos I take and the things that are going on  in my life right now. Even more than the writing, I love  having these memories recorded–so that I can look back at them later and so that I can share them with my friends and family now and in future years–just in case they wonder: what WAS she thinking?

I want you to love this process, too. Which means it needs to be easy to use and access and go beyond yet another place to answer prompts and take notes. That “beyond” is a combination of 5 prompts and 4 story writing steps that get quickly to the core of an experience while recording specific details. This is how you tell stories that are meaningful and that evoke strong memories even many years in the future.

“Story Swoop” is my gift to you.


  our team “kicked the tires”

Our team kicked the tires on this to get it ready for you–and to come up with a name (Thanks to Sian Fair for “Story Swoop”).

Michelle Houghton says, “I pulled it up on my phone and added notes to a photo there.  Very fun and got me thinking deeper about a very silly photo.  I then pulled it up on the website on my computer with all the further prompts and instructions.  The process was seamless, and that is coming from a non-techy :-)”

Carrie Arick says, “I’m tickled that I was able to get a very specific story from our Thanksgiving down before I forgot it. Thanks, Debbie! What a cool tool!! I used it as kind of a catcher for the moment until I can get the page scrapped. I can really see the value this tool has.”

Stefanie Semple says, “It was all quick and seamless for me. I ended up with a story that was deeper and more expressive of my feelings than I would have, being a who, what, where? kinda gal.  I loved being able to add the photo into the story.”

Marie-Pierre Capistran says, “LOVE IT , Debbie!!!!!!!! It gave me everything I need to take a picture and put it in my December Story album. Awesome tool! It’s a great way to jot down the basics that are still deep–not just the what-where-when, so that we can actually remember later on when we pull this picture out!”


  how it works

The story library and writing tool are easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pull up a photo that’s on your phone or camera or computer or social news feed that you like, and click on over here to Story Swoop
  2. Pull up the Story Swoop notes screen, and quickly answer 5 questions about your photo (and upload or link to the photo if you want).
  3. Go to the Story Swoop writing guide screen to get a customized writing guide. You get a format for the story, your own notes presented with each step of the guide and an example story.

Your notes are saved. You can edit or view them later. You can use the writing guide to print or send them to a pdf file.

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